Koh Samui adventures: app. 600 km
Koh Samui - Sadao - Malay border 840 km
Days spent on Koh Samui : 14
Koh Samui fulfilled all our expectations and far beyond. This was mainly because of the warm hospitality from Rudolf and his wife Monika and the still wasn't so spoiled island and relaxed locals.

Koh Samui nowadays is an over developed island with resorts, hotels, shopping malls and wide roads around the island. Ten years ago it was all different which contributed a lot to our great time which meant to be a day or two but ended in two weeks of stay. 
Koh Samui airport terminal on a sunny day, this is where Mom got soaking wet from the storm before she left the island.
For obvious reasons I won’t go through each day as most of the days were similar. Waking up in paradise, start with a beer on the beach and explore the island in and out. Although few interesting things did happen which I will go through now.

First of all who is not familiar with Koh Samui, it is the largest island in the Gulf of Thailand and the second largest in Thailand. It is a mere hour and a half ferry ride from the mainland and it’s famous from the endless coconuts forests. The circular road around the island is about 60 kilometers, with some very long sections still unsealed back then. With these parameters it is easy to say that mastering the island and its interesting spots, good food stalls and cheap bars didn’t take so long, especially with the help of our great hosts and the always keen V-stroms under us. 
Koh Samui, the coconut island
Exploring Koh Samui with Dad
As earlier I mentioned Geng, our Thai companion was travelling with us to Koh Samui on the bike from Bangkok. She planned to come with us all the way to the Malaysian border or even until Kuala Lumpur and as her company was very pleasant for all of us we agreed. However, things have changed in Koh Samui. After one week of stay she mentioned that her friend from England is on the island and she would like to visit him. We didn’t felt like to do anything that night so she made her way to the party hub of the island, Chaweng Beach for a drink. Little we knew that time that she will return with her friend hours before dawn, pretty intoxicated and wanted her stuff as well. Considering that our bungalow, next to Rudolf and Monika was in a residential compound on the beach where mainly retired guys lived with their local girlfriends, the noise encounter with two drunken teenager spelled lots of trouble. Geng and her English companion were banging our door while the guy was screaming, singing and swearing, waking up everyone in the village. I went out to deal with the situation which quickly escalated and the guy found himself o the ground with my slight assistance. Accepting his defeat lightly however was not in the guy’s head. Instead of walking away he decided to head into the sea and lay face down on the water. As the audience for this early morning drama started to grow I decided to pull him out of the water and try to put him in a taxi. In the end I pulled his ass out at least ten times as every time he was on solid ground he just jumped or ran back into the water. It took some town to resolve this rather inconvenient situation and even the rising sun seen some of the drama. 

We met a group of Malaysian riders
As we were busy enjoying the time in Thailand and especially in Koh Samui we haven’t realized that only a day left from our tourist visas and then they will expire. There was only one thing to do, get on the bikes and do the 840 kilometers round trip to the Malaysian border, exit Thailand then come back right away with an extra 30 days stamped into our passports. After resting for almost two weeks on the coconut island we were really happy to do this ride. Roads are fairly good with very light traffic, easy 140 km/h cruising speed, warm but not uncomfortable cloudy day. It was all perfect and also reminded us why we are here and what we like to do, ride. A few days after we returned from the visa run Mom had urgent work to do and as her holiday time passed by we realized that she wouldn’t be able to make it all the way down to Bali with us so a bit of rearrangements to her schedule and flights and she was ready to fly back home in a few days from Koh Samui. We decided to leave the island the next day of her departure and head down South. 
The last day on Koh Samui
Mom’s departure came on a very rainy day, she had to depart from the island in wet clothes as the tropical rain hit under the bamboo roofs of the tiny airport terminal. After she left we made one last appearance in Chaweng Beach with Dad, Rudolf and Monika for a last beer –it was at least ten each- and started our journey with a massive headache in the next morning.    
Our favorite place on the island, Springers Bar, long closed since then.
    Aurel Jr. and Sr.

    The Riders:

    Aurel Maracsko and his son Aurel Maracsko jr. 

    We are a father and son duo who loves riding motorcycles. Aurel Jr. or Tom is an enthusiast enduro rider and Aurel Sr. is more of the adventure rider. 

    Me, a combination of Tom Sawyer and the Little Prince, adventurer, dreamer and a crazily enthusiast rider. Jules Verne was the ultimate hero of my childhood, his foresight's of the future and exotic adventures fascinated me to a level which still influences me today. I believe the constant thirst for exploration and the need for learning is the key engine for every adult just as for every child.

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