ODOMETER: 1720 km - 1830 km

One day sightseeing and rest in Istanbul with some good fiesta feeling, lots of city riding, getting lost and making some new Turkish friends in the city of two continents. 
Hagia Sophia

PictureInside Hagia Sophia
Today is the first day that we decided not to go any further but look around in Istanbul and spend the day with sightseeing. I still have the buzz in me and all I want is to ride further and further but it would be a sin to miss out Istanbul. Thinking back now we should have spent at least 3-4 days in this beautiful city. 

I am very mesmerized with Turkey actually. This country gave me something new what no other country did before. I have been around quite a few African countries and most parts of Europe but this amazing mixture of East and West spiced up with Muslim traditions and extremely friendly locals instantly made Turkey one of my favorite country. Talking about friendliness, we do a large part of history with the Turks. Hungarians fought against the Ottoman empire for generations and we had been occupied for over 150 years by them. Inevitably we share not just a part of our history but also lots of linguistic and cultural elements. After only 2 days in Turkey we are already used to people giving us fruits, free teas or just a few good words after they found out that we are from Madzsaristan, as they call Hungary. 

Riding in Istanbul is great, nothing like in over regulated Europe. Here you can horn, overtake, turn, stop, speed or basically whatever you want and surprisingly the traffic is flowing, not jammed, or at least not for us. The only thing you have to make sure -heard from locals- that when you are in an accident, your vehicle's front should be ahead of the other one as the vehicle behind is always in the fault. I don't know, we haven't seen many accidents and luckily haven't been involved in one either

PictureTopkapi Palace
The day quickly went buy and even thought we planned to squeeze all the wonders of the city in our very time constrained sight seeing trip, a few places left out. We still manage to visit Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi palace, the main bazaar and the Golden Horn. Whether we made the bad decision to leave next day and leave the other 100's of sights unexplored will remain a mystery for now but the riding bug was already getting it's way, pushing us towards Ankara, the capitol city. We spent the late afternoon with some more fiesta on the beach nearby our campsite, listening stories from locals and mentally preparing our self to leave the European continent and cross over to Asia, which little we know about yet. 




07/23/2016 11:04pm

I am very happy to see you in Turkey and i am sure that you enjoyed there much because a lot of people from all around the world go to Turkey to enjoy. The amazing view of inside of Hagia Sophia is very beautiful because that design.

10/10/2017 1:34am

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