ODOMETER: 4774 km - 5055 km
Natanz - Naein

Passing Iran's most famous nuclear facility and spending the afternoon in the dreamy looking small city of Naein. 

Natanz, where the famous Fuel Enrichment Plant is.
The night with the Mosque guard was rather scary. Dad woke up numerous times for movements. Of course it was only us who slept, the guard had to be awake and throughout the night people come and go, talk, check out the bikes, basically constant movements and talking which kind of scared us at some point.

Imagine when you open your eyes and a group with AK 47s standing next to your bed, drinking tea and smoking shisha. Of course nothing happened and they had no bad intentions but it was scary. 

Paykan, Iranian made car
We woke p with the first shines of the sun and had a quick breakfast, tea and some sort of smoke with the guards and left. The road from here started to be very straight with fewer villages or anything basically. After about an hour we passed the Natanz Nuclear Hard Fuel Enrichment Plant which we heard a lot about in the news in the past years.

Our money problem is solved finally. We found a bank in Kashan which is allowed to exchange foreign currency for rial and we got 3 times better rate than at the border.

From here on villages were 80-90 kilometers apart and the midday heat was unbearable. The highest temperature we measured was 52 degrees Celsius. 

Our room in Naein
The hotel from the outside
We arrived to Naein in the early afternoon and had no plans to stay here but the city was dreamy. Small but with wide open streets, palm trees and Old Persian buildings without the usual crowd around.

After lunch, which was probably the best meal we had in Iran we decided to look around in Naein. Accidently we ran into a motel which again was quite unique, at least amongst the motels we seen before. This one cost about 30 USD, not the cheapest ever place but we got a family suit for that with 2 separate rooms, a living room and closed, indoor parking space.

Today is already the third day without shower and the second without proper sleep so as we got our room, the big plans for sightseeing vanished, at least for Dad, he passed out on the bed instantly after shower. I guess it has something to do with age and the sleepless night.

I decided to wander around town a bit, bought some fruits. To be honest I secretly hoped to find some shop with ice cold beer but no luck this time. It is still good though, eating cold grapes and watching the Paykans –Iranian made car- passing by and listening the afternoon praying from a not very far distance. 

Naein University


05/23/2016 1:07am

Iran is a beautiful country. I must say that it is scary to wake up to a gun, but nothing bad happened at the end. That is what matters. Also it was his duty to keep guard so yeah he was supposed to carry that gun around.


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