ODOMETER: 5055 km – 5630 km

Naein – Yazd – Kerman

The warmest day so far with 52 degrees Celsius, a very friendly Iranian guys improvised Yazd trip and knife waving teenagers in Kerman. 

Me and the volunteer tour guide
Mosque in Yazd
After a nice breakfast we are sad to leave Naein. I keep debating myself whether I like Naein or Istanbul more. Istanbul is a very buzzing and interesting city but Naein is the kind of place what you imagine while reading One thousand and one nights. I could definitely live in Istanbul, it would be great fun but if I need a real relaxing Persian hideaway Naein would be my first choice.

As we left Naein the temperature started to rise and before 11 am it was already over 45 degrees Celsius. When you are riding in a temperature lower than your own body temperature the wind gives you some sort of cooling, even if the difference is just only a few degrees. However, when the air is over 10 degrees warmer than you it feels like riding into an oven. Wherever we had a tiny bit of uncovered skin the sun burned it instantly and thousands of tiny sand grains melted in our skin.

The best we could do is to stick a house inside our clothes, get ourselves as wet as possible and enjoy the ride, for about 10 minutes. To be honest we done this only twice, once today and once a day before, there aren’t just stray hoses with cold water around the desert. 

Just before Yazd we found a big truck stop for some rest and another surprise waited for us here. As soon as we stopped a group of truckers jumped us with fruits and food. One brought grapes another brought some poppy soup with ice and the usual bananas, oranges and tea. We always think that local hospitality can’t show anything new but day by day some new surprise welcome us.

Yazd is a fairly big city but we felt it was less chaotic than smaller Iranian cities before. We stopped at the main mosque of the city and a local guy with his daughter right away offered to take us around. He was very friendly and kept telling stories about the mosque and his family. He invited us to his home but sadly we had a long way to cover if we want to reach Pakistan in the next few days. 

The last few hundred kilometers before Kerman was a nightmare, the temperature just didn’t go down and we got tired very quickly. No wonder that we were a bit edgy when arrived to Kerman. Kerman was nothing like Yazd or Naein. It looked a bit worn and dirty. I don’t mean to offend anyone who is reading this from Kerman and probably our tiredness helped me form the not so good picture too. As we were trying to find accommodation we got into some sort of trouble. A group of teenagers came to us and asked for dollars. It wasn’t bothering us as we could easily speed up and leave them but whichever hotel we stopped they turned up after us. After about two hours of searching and hassling with the knife waving teenagers we found a place to stay for 30 dollars. Well deserved cold shower is on its way. 



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