Quetta - on the train to Lahore 

Today is the first big decision to make. Take a train, ride the bikes with a soldier or get our bikes locked down. 
We had a great night sleep and slept until quite late in the tent. We had an appointment with the custom officials at 9 am but our tent was literally 10 meters away from the office so we didn’t mind sleeping a bit longer. As it turned out we could have slept even longer as the official only came right before lunch and of course we had to wait for him to have a lunch.

Fairly quickly, about in 2 hours they made a decision that the bikes aren’t allowed to leave Quetta. You should have seen our face when we got this news. Especially that one part of the refugee camp/custom office yard was a depot for confiscated motor vehicles.

It is not an over statement if I say we almost passed out, I was actually closer to piss myself. Luckily we are in Pakistan, there are always some solutions, and we just have to find the right person and the right price. After arguing with them about an hour they called their superior who we haven’t met yet. I forget to tell that at this point we talked to about twenty officers in the custom office so it was hard to believe that there are still officers around who we haven’t met yet. But there was this guy Ismail who turned out to be the big boss. We only guessed this as none of them actually wore a uniform or any type of insignia. 

Very bad quality picture of one of our helper
Ismail offered us two solutions. One is to take a police officer with us to Lahore and he will accompany us to the border. We would have to pay for all the expenses like his salary for the time together with accommodation, food and also a hefty price for this whole thing or put the bikes on a train and spend a day on the train to Lahore. Also, if we choose the riding option we would have only 2 days to get to Lahore which clearly not enough. It looks like that our plan to visit my Mom’s ex boss in Karachi and also go up to Islamabad is vanishing.

After a few calls to the Hungarian embassy and Mom who contacted the Hungarian Automobile Association we decided that the best option is to put the bikes on the train.

I will post a complete story what happened with the Hungarian Automobile Association but we threatened with a lawsuit.

As with everything so far in Pakistan we received lots of help buying train tickets. To be fair they bought it for us and we got police escort to the train station too. Whether they got ripped us off with the ticket or not the price was dirt cheap, about 50 USD for two of us first class plus the two bikes.

Loading the bikes on the train was an experience itself, let alone the pounds we lost in sweat as the station didn’t have a ramp so we had to lift the bikes up into the carriage. We got about 5 locals helping us but they wanted to lift the bikes at the mirrors, one guy even grabbed on the indicator so you can guess we did most of the work by ourselves. 



Some time we have to take the decisions for the cause of the becoming some good levels but this is not a big situation. I love Pakistan country; this is such types of blessed area where we are getting every type of season with every type of fields.

06/28/2016 11:15pm

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