Log Entry 22

In our first real day in India we went to explore  the great city of Amritsar and its main attraction the Harmandir Sahib or as informally referred the Golden Temple. 
Loving the turban
The Harmandir Sahib
Since we left Hungary Dad was keep going on about India and how much he wanted to go there and he just cant wait to arrive. We both had countries in the beginning where we wanted to go the most, mine was Australia, all I wanted is to ride across the Nulabor, covered in red dust and watch kangaroos jumping across the setting sun's last shines. Dad on the other hand was all about India. I can't blame him, he grew up reading books from old time Hungarian princess and expediters who came to this magical -or as the Ministry of Tourism refers to it now "Incredible"- land and rode elephants while hunting for the biggest game here, tiger. 
The square shaped corridors inside the Golden Temple
We made a few necessary phone calls in the morning. Chances are slim that the bikes will be released without the Carnet so Mom is spending hours daily on getting one. In the meantime we decided to explore the city a little bit. Amritsar the capital city of Punjab was always a very important hub of this area and also the spiritual and cultural center of Sikhism, one of the most fascinating culture and religion. The Harmandir Sahib or Golden Temple is right next door to us so after the morning "chai" -spicy Indian tea- and some lamb "vindaloo" for breakfast we headed to the entrance of the temple. In 1984 for the order of Indira Gandhi who was the Prime Minister that time the Indian army stormed the temple under the "Operation Blue Star"  which resulted in around 5000 deaths on the Sikh side. The scars of the massacre was still noticeable at some parts of the temple even after twenty years. 
One of the four entrance to the temple

I did enjoy their company, Dad just captured the wrong moment

To enter the temple you have to wear a turban, no uncovered heads are allowed and we also had to wash our feet. We entered the temple complex in one of the four doors which meant to symbolize the openness of Sikhism towards other religions and cultures. Inside the temple complex -which is resembles a square in its layout- there is a lake or holy tank "Sarovar" and the golden temple "Harmandir Sahib" is at the middle of the lake with a small bridge as a connection to the temple complex. Approximately one hundred thousand people visit the temple daily so the walk bridge to the Golden Temple can get really crowded but it worth the time to wait. The temple is amazing and really mystical with Gurus sitting and reading inside. 
After the temple we spent the rest of the day relaxing, visited a barber, bought some shirts and slippers to really mold into the city and kept planning the way forward with some cold Kingfishers. 
Harmandir Sahib


06/15/2016 8:45am

Well I haven’t had the chance to visit India and to see it’s beautiful and places but I have heard about the golden temple and its history. The culture over there is unique and thrilling I would also love to visit those places.


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