Back in Delhi again after a smooth but challenging ride and enjoying the unlimited beers, food, maids and driver in the Hungarian embassy. 

Daily commute in Delhi
Second day riding in India and I am already used to the craziness. I can't say I love it but it is definitely and experience, almost like playing the old, first version of GTA, it is all about slaloming and avoiding the incoming, ongoing, jumping in, appearing and all sorts of traffic caused by cars, buses, rickshaws, elephants, laying cows, snakes, pedestrians and so much more. It is really hard to explain, you really have to see it for yourself but again, it's fun. 
Loaded truck, again, outskirts of Delhi
After a long riding w finally arrived to Delhi. Well, it is big, it is very big. The amount of people and all sorts of vehicle makes it look like a bee's nest. That time India also had a new economic development plan and as a part of it they started to build and equip five thousand intersection with tunnel or overpass. This really turned Delhi into a huge, steamy and sweaty construction site, making our job to get from A to B with the wide panniers even harder. Surprisingly it only took about an hour and a half to find the Hungarian embassy without any map, just with the address and constant asking for directions. 
One thing in India and generally in Asia is that when you are asking for directions and the person doesn't know which is the right way -90% of the cases- they will just point forward, since you wouldn't ask about something from the direction you just came from. This kind of works well on straight roads but when it comes to roundabouts and big intersections the whole game turns into a big guessing, in that case, Indian style. 
A tiny fraction of our suit
It was late afternoon when we crossed the over sized embassy's compound and greeted by the consul who instantly lead us into our room. When I say room I don't really mean a real room, more like three suit opened together with an industrial size fridge designated as a bar fridge, filled with beers, snacks and all sorts of goodies, mainly from Hungary. Yes, you guessed right, we are in the presidential suit, a room big enough to accommodate a smaller school's seek and hide competition and it is all ours. The last guest here was the Hungarian PM before us. I can imagine him playing with his echo in this large room. Before we even got to the shower a maid turned up with fresh and clean clothes and apologetically asked for ours to take it to the laundry. Two things I realized quickly, first that I should have work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that our tax money is really "well" spent here, other side of the world. To be fair again, I can not complain, just enjoy the bar and the 50 meter pool, which isn't really a pool but an open air fire extinguisher tank, which is a requirement for every embassy, according to the consul. The dinner we ate was cooked by an Indian chef and it was a great Hungarian meal with red wine. We even got a designated driver who took us around Delhi at night, slaloming in the sea of people. One common thing he warned us and we did hear that from others too that if a poor people spot that you are foreigner or driving an expensive car, they will intentionally fall ahead of you to get some cash out for compensation. Good to know, also, good to know that as foreigners, the best way t do in case of an accident is to go, never stop just go. At least this is the advice everyone gives us. Enjoying the luxury we spent the night sleeping like babies. We have a long day tomorrow, interview with a newspaper, organizing the Thai visa and finish the remaining beer from the fridge. To see how we succeeded with the beer and where we ended up going afterwards please come back for LOG ENTRY 36.     


05/14/2016 12:20am

I can imagine me sitting in a bus with an elephant walking by. Not just a stray elephant but someone is sitting on it to a destination. I think it will be nice and it’s definitely crazy. Thanks for showing the outside of Delhi and thanks for showing a picture of you suit. This means in as much as Delhi is local with all those elephants there are luxurious hotels and places. I hope you enjoy your adventure and thanks for sharing.

12/01/2016 4:19am

Thanks for this riderslog blog updating and giving us better and informative points about delhi again this time in luxury. Keep doing in the same way with better updates and points always.


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