Making my way back to Delhi to meet up Dad. No luck with the weather as the last day and the night before turned into a monsoon and my train got delayed for ten hours and stranded on the railway tracks as well. 

The gods did not bless me with sunshine on my last day in Goa. After I have been invited to the party by those Indian guys yesterday I decided to go and see how the desi tunes make an Indian girl's body move. The storm had different ideas whatsoever. As soon as I got ready the monsoon arrived and didn't stop raining even for a second. I waited and waited for the guys to turn up but they didn't so I ended up having a few drinks in my room, getting my thoughts together and also my luggage when I heard knocks on my door. The guys finally turned up, very apologetically telling me that the clubs are closed due to the rain and they just came all the way here to say sorry about canceling the plan. How nice. 
So yeah, last morning, gods aren't giving me a ray of sunshine so no more swimming, just a big English breakfast for one last time. Since I paid an extra day forward I tried to get the money back. I know its not common to get it back but who knows. Surprisingly the receptionist offered me a free taxi ride as she was not allowed to give the money back for the extra day I paid. Actually this was an even better deal as the taxi would have cost more than the extra one day at my bungalow. 
Another not so beach weather today
I arrived to the train station over three hours before the departure of my train which was enough time to find an internet cafe and tell Mom that I am leaving today and not tomorrow morning as it was initially planned. Unfortunately I couldn't find her online so just sent her an email. Why am I telling this? As it seems an unnecessary and somehow tiny detail, events from the next day will make it sound important. 

At the train station I met a couple whom turned out to be Hungarians. It was such a good feeling talking to someone from home apart from Dad. They were travelling back to Delhi as well, ending their three months of backpacking trip in India. Tamas and Eszter was a freshly wed couple, what a great way to spend your honeymoon. They bought the cheapest possible ticket which put them in the end of the train, unlike my fancy private air conditioned cabin. To be honest, the price difference was not that great, although at first I decided to stay with them in the back. It was great fun hanging out with them, play portable monopoly and enjoy the empty car for the first three hours until the first stop when it got so crowded that the ticket inspector told me to go back to my cabin. For the rest of the trip I kept coming back and check on them. They sleeping berth filled up with three people so sleeping or even laying down was impossible, all this in three elevated bunks which resulted someones leg hanging right front of your face at any given time. About 10 hours into the trip the train got diverted and we stopped for over two hours. To find out what happened which almost caused Mom to have a heart attack and delayed my train over 10 hours come back and read LOG ENTRY 32


10 hours of delay, no way, this really no luck. You did say there was a heavy rain, so I think the guys did very well by coming over to your place all the same, they very nice. The free taxi deal too was great; it even put a smile on my face. I hope to hear more from you. Thank you.

06/01/2016 12:52pm

I am happy to see that your journey is going well and now you are going back to Delhi. I hope you have too much enjoyed in India because Goa is very beautiful place and i am sure you visited there well.

12/31/2016 11:12am

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