Things are again taking a good turn. Dad finally arrived back to Delhi, I found a great place to stay, had a fairly issue free day alone and enjoying the last motorcycle free day. 

Dad is on the way back to Delhi, at least hopefully. Air France called Mom two more times, asking about the compressed chain sprays, telling her that diversion is inevitable if Dad has them on board. In the main time I had a long chat with the consul about his experiences in Delhi, he told me about how his colleague died in a hit and run accident not long ago, when the bus driver hit the embassy's car then jump off and ran away. That time in Delhi bus drivers were employed on the daily basis. There was a huge queue every morning front of the bus terminal, people who would like to work as a bus driver for the day. The lucky ones got the bus with a log book and they get paid after the number of rounds they complete in a shift. This means buses are not stopping at the bus stop, barely even slow down, so people have to jump up and down from a slightly overcrowded buses. No wonder that accidents are happening on a daily basis. 
Very cool walking street near Delhi station
After the not so delightful talk I headed to the train station to buy tickets for the next day to Amritsar and book a room somewhere around there too. On the way to the station I decided to have a stroll around India gate again and headed to a bank after to withdraw some cash. Well, ATM's and me aren't the best buddies so far in South Asia. I had a few incidents in Pakistan and some already here in India. Whether it is a result of our foreign cards, my inexperience to pick the right machine or just a plain luck, I don't know. This time it happened again. I entered the pin code, the amount and press enter, card came out, a text message with the successful transaction buzzing my phone but no money. Hmm, let's try this again, same happened, no money but the text message. I walked into the branch, got into a twenty minutes of explanation just for someone to come out and check the machine. The bank employee insisted that we should try it again, same thing happened, text message arrived, slip from the machine as well but no money. It took about one hour for them to pay the cash out from all the three transactions and I was good to go. At the train station I was not this lucky. Because of the bomb attack a day earlier, they were very edgy at the ticket counter and refused to sell me to tickets to Amritsar, saying that both of the persons and their passport has to be present at the time of the ticket purchase. Bad luck, not the end of the world thought. Next to the train station there is a nice walking street with lots of guesthouses. I did actually liked the area a lot. Guest houses and restaurants one after another, fairly clean and not as crowded as a normal street. Somehow I really liked the vibe there so ended up getting a roof top room with street view and even a small bar, all I have to do now is to pick up Dad from the airport. The way to the airport is not the easiest one. No high speed trains or any adequate transportation so I had to deal with either taxis or rickshaws. I did choose the later one as they guy was actually pretty friendly, took me there within an hour. Dad also finally arrived after two hours and three beers later. It was really good to see his smiling face, the carnet and all the little presents he brought back from Hungary. We were only little over a month on the road but that time I was not so used to being away from my loved ones for a long time. In the next LOG ENTRY finally we receive the bikes back and we start our journey on road in India. 
View from our rooftop room


05/11/2016 12:14am

Delhi looks like a very busy place and I will love to be there. I think you had a very fun travel and thanks a lot for sharing with me. I love to read from you, the way you give details. I think your dad too is very good, since you want to spend time with him.


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