An unplanned night and day stay in Pokhara, Nepal's second biggest city. Met our new friends Nyima, a Tibetan refuge who showed us around town and proposed his sister for marriage, all in one day. 
The hut where we met Nyima
Not long after we got taxed by the rebels Dad pulled over to a small hut, seemingly selling food. The hut indeed sold food but not what we were used to. As we looked into the little section designated as kitchen an old lady asked us whether we had Tibetan dumplings before in perfect English. We nodded and settled down for the dumplings. Two other guy wearing basketball jerseys and hats came over and again in perfect English started to talk to us. One of them called Nyima initiated the conversation and we got into an hour long talk over the dumplings what Nyima and his friend kindly showed us how to eat properly.  
We were in the outskirts of Pokhara, one of the biggest tourist attraction in Nepal. Little we know about this place back then, it was just another stop on the way. You might be surprised how unprepared we were but we had no internet, no smartphones and due to weight and space constraints we couldn't carry 25 Lonely Planets with us. Everything we found, met or visited was a pure coincidence, recommendation or something we initially planed back in Hungary.  Pokhara was a pure coincidental place and it all happened because of Nyima. He is a Tibetan refuge living in Pokhara with his family in a fairly big Tibetan community, They are making money from exporting hand made carpets and tourism. Sadly they don't get Nepalese citizenship nor any in fact so for them to travel abroad is very difficult. Nyima told us that many of them are getting married to travelers just to obtain a passport. It is clear that we wont go any further today and most likely spend the next days here in Pokhara. Nyima took us to a hostel which was probably the best quality place we stayed since we left Hungary and all for 300 rupees, less than 10 dollars. He then showed us the Tibetan village, the sewing factory and also invited us for a dinner.  
Nyima and me chilling
Pokhara is the second biggest city in Nepal with a whopping 250 thousand inhabitant and 3 out of the 10 highest mountains are within 30 kilometers from the city so it is pretty developed for tourism, especially for trekkers. Nyima promised us that he will take us around tomorrow if we stay. He wanted to show us some of the scenic points of the city where we can see the Annapurna mountain the best.   
We had the dinner appointment at 6 pm and we really had no idea what to expect or even bring. We bought some alcohol in the shop and took some of our trip t-shirts with us and prepared for everything. What came after was a little bit unexpected. Nyima and his friend introduced me to their sisters. Nyima has a fairly younger sister, maybe around 25 and his friend's sister was closer to 35 than to 30. It was clear that we will get a marriage proposal from the ladies. It simple, we get married in Kathmandu, ask for our embassies to issue temporary passport to the girls and we all set to go. At least it sounds easy in the heads of the ladies. Of course we had no intention getting married or even stay in Pokhara more than 2 days so we had to politely refuse the offer. They said they try with every traveler as this is the only way for them to leave. Later on we still kept in contact with Nyima and his sister but as we weren't in the age of Facebook, the connection was lost.  
The Tibetan dinner
The two bride prospects and me
Dad was busy munching
In the next LOG ENTRY you can see some cool pictures from the Annapurna range and the trip to Kathmandu. 


03/08/2016 12:43am

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01/09/2017 8:57am

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