A chilling beautiful day in Pokhara with our friends Nyima and Ton in our last day in Pokhara. As we all know what just happened there recently, lets pray and hope for my friends and their family's well being. 
Lake Phewa
As we promised we spent the day with Nyima and his Indian friend. They took us to Phewa lake which lies on the western part of the town, offering breathtaking views and ice cold water. We took a dip which felt like the coldest water I ever swam in. Even thought it was middle of the summer, Nyima claimed the water was less than 10 degrees Celsius a meter below the surface. He had this fancy watch from Suunto which he got from a Swiss businessman who buys most of their carpets from the sewing factory so I believe in the 10 degrees, to be fair my testicles confirmed it.  
Ton, Nyima's Indian friend
The day went perfectly well, Nyima promised us an additional tour around town with lots of promising places to visit. As we were getting ready to leave the lake his Indian friend burst into tears. It was a really weird experience, seeing a grown man cry without any warning. He didn't say a single word just cried and walked around in circles. After about a minute Nyima finally got him to talk so we could have some idea why is the teenage girl like outburst happened. He said that his father's wedding ring which he inherited for his own wedding slipped off from his fingers in the lake.  
Another smiles picture of me
Dad has lots of talents, one which I really admire is his photographic memory. He can just look at the map once for a second and he memorize all the roads in the country. He is really good at it and unfortunately I did not inherit his talent. The only reason I mention it is that Dad was certain the ring was not on the guy's finger in the lake. Even thought he insisted that he never takes it off but Dad was sure about it. We ended setting up a perimeter around the bikes and the area we walked and about an hour later we found his ring in the grass. It must have slipped off his finger before we jumped in the lake. Dad quickly grew into a hero and we were instantly invited to a lunch and beer, scrapping all the sightseeing plans.  
Heights of the Annapurna Mountain
Heights of the Annapurna Mountain
After a few beers and an amazing home made Indian dish Nyima convinced us to at least walk around Pokhara, check out the Annapurna range, at least what visible from Pokhara. 
We also decided with Dad that no matter what, the next day we continue our trip to Kathmandu as we have to apply for a new Indian visa and it might take time so better be around Kathmandu. As at this point we did not expected anything but the course of the trip will be dramatically change from Kathmandu. If you are interested how this change affected our initial plans and what events brought this change, come back and read the next LOG ENTRIES. 
As for the recent tragic events took place in Nepal and the devastating earthquake which effected Pokhara as well, I really hope and pray for the well being of the wonderful people we came across there. 
Credit: tenkeys


11/17/2015 6:06am

Rider’s log is wonderful blog. People really like such type of blogs because this is very informative and helpful for them. Log entry is free. This is wonderful place many people come here and enjoy their selves here.

11/19/2015 2:17am

Such a very interesting blog.these pictures of annapurna mountains are really so amazing.i would also like to share with my friends

04/24/2016 12:01pm

I hope that they are able to pull themselves from this harsh situation. This time earthquake caused so much damage, but I hope that Nepal has retained its beauty. This lake is very beautiful and you can enjoy a cold dip even during the summer season.

01/09/2017 8:55am

It was like 10 years ago I was first time attending to Pokhara as a speaker for United Nations.

10/15/2017 1:53am

Very sad things are happened there. It's a pity. I hope now their lifes are much better now.


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