The bikes have finally arrived to Bangkok after a few days of waiting. Luckily Bangkok is a place where waiting is never a problem, especially when there are ping pong shows with wheeling tuk tuk drivers. 

The first night in Bangkok was great. It was nothing like the gap year student’s lad trip or an elderly doctor’s “health” retreat but as a relaxing, food full and smiley first glimpse of this country. With all energized we headed out to the airport. The owner of the guest house wondered why we are carrying two strange looking helmets. At that time large motorcycles were rare in Thailand. Nowadays and especially in the past 2-3 years it became a huge fashion, every high society kid have to have a Ducati monster, some with the taste go for bigger and sportier Ducati. Not surprisingly “big bikes” were associated almost only with Ducati, especially in Bangkok. For my push we are travelling with motocross/enduro helmets with goggles and that was fairly unseen and unusual in Bangkok that time, even more so in Apple guest house. 
Still bike but not helmet less :)
At the airport after a very short hassle we were informed that the bikes haven’t arrived yet. The told is in such an apologetic way that we felt uncomfortable even asking. We took the bus back to the city instead of the taxi so we can explore more and hope for the bikes to arrive the next day. Apart from being hot and humid Bangkok is a great city, even magical for the fresh ones like us. We spent the day exploring the old town where we stayed, visited temples after temples, ate different food at every corner and waited for the sun to set for our last run of the day, Khaosan road.
 Khaosan road is the coolest 1 kilometer of sealed road I ever seen. Used as a regular connecting street between two other roads at the day and turning into a massive party/carnival/walking street at night. Bars and clubs are offering the cheapest booze in town with many even smaller cart bars selling mixed up whiskey cokes and vodka tonics in plastic buckets. The price is cheap; the effect is deadly next day. We tried a few different places, strictly open air budget pubs which took us to a state of mind where we easily said yes for a ping pong show. 
Where all the magic happens credit: bangkokhangover.me
Ping Pong shows are unique to Thailand as far as I know and every night tuk tuk (Thai rickshaw) drivers are offering free rides to the venue from the tourist hot spots. In the past years ping ping shows sadly turned into big time scams but ten years ago we experienced otherwise. The entrance fee was approximately 15 dollars each with unlimited alcohol consumption. As we stepped into the premise an older women took us to our table. The stage was in the middle of the room and tables surrounded it from every side. When we got seated and order our first whiskey coke all of a sudden a live sex show started on the stage. It was a proper one on one raw sex in front of about 100 people in the club. As the waitress arrived with our drinks I asked her whether it is a special night or this show is happening every night. My question made her giggle and she looked at me and said, -this is just the break. It turned out that the live sex on the stage was really just the break time entertainment while the girls prepared for the “real” ping pong show backstage. I will not go deeply into the details of a ping pong show, but it does involve vaginas, ping pong balls, razor blades, beer bottles, balloons, arrows, sticks and all sorts of open-able and throw able objects.

After making a good deal out of the all you can drink option we headed back to Khaosan road with the same tuk tuk driver who lured us in to this adventure. He waited us downstairs and obviously paid by rice wine as a commission as he kept pulling wheelies on the three wheeled tuk tuk. 

Heading back to the airport
The next morning the old Chinese lady at the guest house gave us a huge smile again after seeing us leaving with the helmets again, holding our heads from last night. God knows what she was thinking, why this two strange foreigners leaves every morning with helmets in hand. Unfortunately we got the same news again about the bikes so another day to wait. We only have two more days until Mom comes to visit us. We planned this visit for a while now that Mom fly out to Bangkok and ride with us all the way down until Bali. This night Dad was a bit tired and decided to take an early rest and retire in his room. Well, I wasn’t even 20 back then so it was another night for me exploring the street which left magical marks on me.

The old Chinese lady couldn’t hold herself in the following morning but asked why are we heading out every day with helmets, we just said, we are motorcycle riders. Luckily that day we received our bikes after maybe an hour of paper works and we were good to go. Bangkok is filled with motorcycle taxis which is very handy when you live a bit far away from a train or bus station and when you are on a round the world trip without GPS or city maps. We paid 2 dollars to one of these taxis and let him lead us back to our area. There weren’t any more smiles on the Chinese lady’s face when the two Suzuki rolled into the tiny alley. Needless to say, that day and the night we started to explore the city on two wheels, as nothing can move our soul better than those two wheels. 

Not just me but a little boy as well had fun with the bike on the first night


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