Hua Hin - Suratthani - Ferry to Koh Samui (511 km)
We managed to fall back to sleep twice so it was only 10 in the morning when we finally left Hua Hin. The weather at first was great and the traffic got much better than yesterday. This is our 70th day riding and put 11,000 kilometers behind us so far. Not as impressive as we managed almost half of it in the first week but we are back on track again.

We planned to reach Chumpon a provincial mid size city to board a ferry to Koh Samui where we planned to stay the next day or two with our friend Rudolf. He is a Hungarian expat, well known for his writings in the Wild magazine. He was a lively member of the Hungarian Harley Davidson community until he decided to settle on the island famous for its coconut plantations, Koh Samui. He and his wife Monika have been in contact with us and we were looking forward to have a few drinks with them that night. 
Coastline of the Gulf of Thailand
As usual faith had different plans. We had to put the drinking plan aside and give our livers an extra day of break as there was no ferry from Chumpon which would take us with the bikes. At the port thy directed us to Suratthani which is a provincial capital about 170 kilometers from Chumpon.
The further South we progressed the nicer the scenery got, empty long stretch of roads with rubber and coconut plantations on the side often decorated with large horizontal rock walls and mountains. Perfection was only distracted with periodic rains which at first made us wear the rain suits but as quick as it came as fast the rain stopped so after the second stop we decided just to ride the rain through. Mom and Geng had no rain clothes anyway so if the ladies can take same rain surely we can do it to.
We arrived to Suratthani a little bit before 5 pm and the ferry port was still a good 50 kilometers away so we decided to head back to the city to find some accommodation. As the city lies a good leap away from the coast no sign of tourism can be seen. Every places in Thailand we seen many backpackers and guest houses but Suratthani was different. It was more of a trading and transportation hub with very little things to do. As dusk was really made its appearance on the horizon we started to look for a cheap accommodation. Using Geng as a translator we managed to find a very interesting place to stay. It was a kind of roadside motel where every room had its separate drive way and soon as you drove in to your room the staff pulled a curtain behind you. Later one we figured it out that it was a so called short time room where local guys driver their misuses for a discrete few hours of fun. Being on the outskirts of the city we still managed to get a very decent price on the rooms which was little less than 10 dollars for a night. As nothing being close to our room we ended up sleeping very early without much dinner, preparing ourselves for the ferry ride in the morning.  
Rolling, I mean sailing to the port, Koh Samui
Even the beautiful sunshine couldn’t wake us up early and it was only 8 in the morning when we headed to the ferry. The expected 60 kilometers went up to 80 as we managed to take a wrong turn thanks for Geng’s advice. The ferry ride is only an hour and a half and it is absolutely breath taking. Large rock islands mounts over the shallow waters of the Gulf of Thailand and as the silhouette of Koh Samui emerged on the horizon we knew that this place will be a really special stop in our trip.

In the next LOG ENTRY I will cover our few days on Koh Samui, how I ended up beating an English tourist, how Geng left us and why we did a run down to Malaysia and back on the same day. 



01/27/2016 2:43am

That seaside is really very nice and I ma sure everyone want to go their after watching that pictures specially the view of clouds on the sea is fantastic and i never saw like that before.


There is the blog which presents us the map in which we see the different locations of our country. The coastline which passes through the large sea is also available on them. The visitors take the help form that facility.


Let's go further with a great mood and cool attitude. Excellent article.

10/20/2017 7:59pm

It is conceptualized as a modern tourist with natural nuance is still quite natural view fantastic is perfect for recreation the holiday at the weekend is certainly quite appropriate


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