LOG Entry 56

Johor Bahru - Kuala Lumpur - Sadao
Distance: 830 kilometers
Since I couldn’t get the Australian visa we decided the day before to head up to North, towards China through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

We left Johor Bahru eight in the morning and headed to Malacca at first. About hundred kilometers North of Johor Bahru we stopped for a quick drink and to check the map. This was before smart phones and Google map and to be honest stopping time to time for a few minutes to navigate made the trip even more fun. As we were looking at the map almost the same time Dad and I looked at each other’s and instantaneously had the same thought. Why don’t we just ride up to Thailand? The border was about 800 kilometers from where we were and it seemed like a good idea and a doable ride. 
The 800 kilometers turned into 900 by the time we reached the Thai border. This was a really boring and a fairly hard ride. The Suzuki’s are great on the highway and the 140 km/h cruising speed is good and comfortable but the weather was really hot and the rain caught us four times. It was eight in the evening when we arrived to the border, luckily no complication with the visas and by nine we were looking for rooms in Sadao. Sadao is the border town on the Thai side, famous for its nightlife and red light district. To be honest the whole town looked like a big red light town. Neon signs are offering all sorts of womanly pleasures to the mainly Malaysian clientele together with cheap booze.  

We realized how much this town is about sex and booze tourism when we tried to get a room in numerous hotels. We tried at least three until one hotel was willing to give one room for the two of us. Places we tried didn’t understand why we want to stay in the same room. No mister, two rooms for two persons was the reply everywhere we tried. They are just not used to guys sharing a room I guess.

Even thought we got separate rooms, about half an hour later when we both finished showering we heard a knock on the door. Dad opened it and two very lightly dressed ladies smiled at him back. Room service, said the older, obviously the leader girl. They must have heard our stomach grinding but to be fair, we were more up for some food than late night shenanigans with this two career butterflies.

The next morning we had to make a decision how far up we go today. The unthinkable destination was Bangkok to obtain the necessary visas for Lao, Cambodia, Vietnam and China but the 1200 plus kilometers seemed a bit farfetched for the day, no question, we had to find a place to stop. If you are a reader of riderslog.com you can guess where is that place. Koh Samui, about 450 kilometers from the border and 850 from Bangkok it seemed like a good choice, Rudi and Monika would surely like to see us again and we needed an oil/filter change and the garage next to Springers pub had the filters. As we arrived without any notice they were really surprised. Had a chilled afternoon together and decided to get matching tattoos together with Rudi and Dad, marking our friendship as the three brothers as Rudi liked to call our triumvirate. After all the male bonding we ended up in the main entertainment area again to ease the pain with some not so fine local liqueurs.

Next morning we headed up to Bangkok and then to Chiang Mai to explore the jungle wilderness and taste whatever the Golden Triangle had to offer, but that’s the next LOG ENTRY’s story. 



You are really lucky to have time for visit different countries. Singapore and Thailand are beautiful countries and so many people go to Singapore for visit and enjoy their time.

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01/09/2017 8:40am

I think it is hard to drive all day long.But it is so interesting not to stay in one place.

09/11/2017 11:45pm

That would be an amazing journey from start to end.

09/12/2017 12:56am

Have a safe journey to these amazing places.

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