Port Dickson - Malacca - Johor Bahru
Distance: 330 kilometers 
The morning rain woke us up earlier than we planned. It is the monsoon season here and heavy periodic rains are a daily occurrence. So far we were lucky with it, since we left Koh Samui we only got wet a few times and only once a day. Also, the rain is normally heavy but short, doesn’t last more than an hour, except this one. We waited about three hours, had a nice breakfast but the rain just didn’t seem to stop so we decided to put the rain gear on and head to Malacca.

Within a few kilometers the rain has stopped so another pit stop to pack the gear away and cruise the scenic coastal route 138 after turning off from the main route 5. It took less than 2 hours to reach the town of Malacca. Although we haven’t really explored it much we stopped at the town center, had an amazing Chinese noodle and posed with locals who wanted a snap with us. This was actually new. We got this in Iran that people stopped us for a picture but since then it was a regular occurrence. I can only imagine how many times we would be photographed now, when everyone has a mobile phone with a camera unlike in 2005 during our trip. 
It is regrettable that we didn’t spend more time in Malacca, the historic center of pre-colonial Sultanate with rich Chinese and Indian influence but the road was waited for us. We wanted to make it to Johor Bahru early so we could find some accommodation before sunset. From Malacca we turned back on to the main E2 highway towards Malaysia second largest city.

Our plan was to find some safe accommodation where we can leave the bikes while we are in Singapore. We didn’t plan to stay long in Singapore, mainly just wanted to check on the Australian embassy why my visa is still in process. Johor Bahru seemed like our solution. The ride to JB took less than 3 hours from Malacca and we found ourselves in a large city again. To be honest I felt that JB is larger than Kuala Lumpur. It isn’t but definitely messier and you just see much more people and cars going about.  It is a large city just right next to Singapore, very multi cultural, tens of thousands workers commute from JB to Singapore for work, Malays, Indians, Bangladeshi, Chinese, you name it. 
Personally I liked JB better than Kuala Lumpur. Its multi cultural messiness really caught me. We found a small but decent guest house with safe parking near the main food market, the owner was Pakistani and gave us 20% discount from the already cheap 50 ringit room after we told them that we just been to Pakistan a month ago. After a quick shower we headed down to the food market which was amazing and truly beat any street food market we’ve seen so far. Not its mere size but more of its diversity that amazed us. Bangkok has so much to offer when it comes to street food but you never see an Indian stall next to a Chinese wonton restaurant, variety of Arab, South Asian and East Asian cuisines, all in one place. We ended up stall hopping, try as much as possible, probably the grilled stingray was the most mention able but loved the lamb shawarma.

After dinner it turned out that the safe bike parking is in a small back room of the hotel so we had to unbolt the boxes and took them up to our room, small inconvenience but better than leave the bikes outside. In the next LOG ENTRY I will write about another major course changing event which changed the entire plan of our trip. 


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