Sadao - Koh Samui - Hua Hin - Bangkok - Chiang Mai
Distance: 1891 kilometers in two rides 

As we decided to head North to China, we had to apply for four visas which take around a week to obtain, so we rode up to Chiang Mai for some jungle trekking. 

Leaving Samui is getting more and more painful. We have been coming back here since we arrived in Thailand and it is because of Rudi’s and Monika’s utmost hospitality. This time we left for real, no plan to return during this trip, little we know that time that we will end up on the coconut island sooner than we wished for. 

The distance from Donsak where the Seatran ferry ported is slightly more than 800 kilometers. The double range for a day we aimed to do it and arrive in Bangkok by the evening. However, we did not plan the continuous rain storm which slowed us down to the point that we decided to stay in Hua Hin, about 220 kilometers from South of Bangkok. It was a reasonable choice as further North from Hua Hin we would constantly ride in the rush hour traffic, and with the side boxes, it is always a nightmare. 

We stayed in the same guesthouse as last time on the way to South, only two of us this time, celebrated the fact that we passed the 20,000th kilometers on the trip just before Hua Hin and dived into our Cartographia road maps to plan the way up to China. The next morning we took it easy, we wanted to avoid the high traffic again and did the last remaining 230 kilometers to Bangkok within three hours. 

Before settling down at the same guest house near Khaosan road, we dropped our passports at an agent to obtain the Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laotian visas. It will take almost a week to get the visas so that we will be around for a while. 

Where all the magic happens, the bar. Dad is in the making of big ideas.
After settled down in the guesthouse we went out to have a few beers or as we call it “planning.” We knew that the visa application process would take some time, but we didn’t have a clear plan what to do for that one week. We both agreed not to stay in Bangkok, so we had to come up with some plan for the following week. After a few cold beers, we decided to head up North to Chiang Mai as we read about the jungle trekking trips there. Filled with anticipation we hit the closest internet café to search on those trips, and we found a few fascinating ones, wrote down the names of the places and mentally prepared for the jungle with some more beers. 

The road to Chiang Mai is about 900 kilometers from Bangkok, and we are on very sketchy terms with the tires, so we had to change them before leaving Bangkok. That put our departure to Chiang Mai to next day’s afternoon. 

In Thailand as I wrote earlier, shops with similar products are all located in the same area. The tire street as we called it isn’t so far from Khaosan road, only about 10 minutes ride towards China town but the traffic made it be over an hour in the morning. We used Michelin Anakee tires until now, so we aimed to get those again. With all the hassle to find two sets and get it fitted we spent half of the day, so we decided to stay a few more hours in Bangkok. Decided to have a cold shower and only leave to Chiang Mai after dark so we can have some rest, avoid the rush hour traffic out of Bangkok, and we could have a nice night ride and arrive in the morning to the second biggest city of the kingdom. 

It was about 8 pm when we left Bangkok; earphones were plugged in, and we headed up North in the seemingly endless dark highway for one of the best rides on the trip so far. After midnight the temperature dropped substantially, and we enjoyed every minute of the trip. We stopped twice on the way, once for fuel and once for a quick refreshing break. A few hours before dawn we reached the mountains before Chiang Mai and the curvy road, and the cold weather kept us awake, just to arrive safely at the city around 4 am in the morning.  After being awake for 24 hours and 900 kilometers behind us, all we wanted is a cozy bed with air-conditioning to recharge our batteries for the trekking on the following day.  



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