Kuala Lumpur - Port Klang - Sepang - Port Dickson
Distance: 160 kilometers
We were hipped up after the awesome views of Kuala Lumpur and decided to visit the Petronas Towers again in the morning to go up to the top floor as we missed that a day before. Even thought the price was hefty since we are here we shouldn’t miss it so went to the towers with the bikes this time but the earliest ticket was at noon so we gave up on it. 
Next we headed to Port Klang. The port is the largest in Malaysia and one of the largest in the world in container traffic. As our next destination would be Sumatra Island in Indonesia we thought finding a ferry from Port Klang would be easy. Port Klang is an easy 50 kilometers ride from the towers and as Kuala Lumpur has great highway system which can be used with motorcycles we got to the port fairly quickly. Finding the ferry was not as easy thought.

We rode around and asked every transport company’s office and ferries but none would take us with the bikes. Originally we planned to go down to Singapore and find a ferry from there but it worth the try. Also, online we found a ferry company but that either was willing to take the bikes.

Bad luck we thought, still many opportunities ahead of us to find ferry, it was just a try. One good thing about Port Klang is the food. As many Indian and South Asian workers employed at the port, we had our best Indian food so far on this trip in one of the small dirty canteen. The selection was more than we ever seen in any restaurant we been to in India and the price was also really low. We paid 10 ringit, around 3 dollars for two huge portions of meals, a water buffalo stew and butter chicken. 
The main straight of the Sepang Circuit
With full bellies we headed down south towards Singapore when I noticed the sign to Sepang. Being a huge MotoGp fan and missing the GP which was won by Gabor Talmacsi –also Hungarian- in the 125 ccm category a week before we had to go and visit the race course.

Not being a big detour Dad quickly agreed and we headed towards the most famous track in Southeast Asia. We have bought fake press cards in Bangkok so entering the closed circuit for free was not an issue. We got a free pass at the entrance to wander around and ride with the bike as well. To be honest I was really sad as we missed the race a week before. I really wanted to steer our trip to the direction of visiting the race with Mom but we ended up staying a bit too long in Koh Samui. 
Port Dickson
As big part of the day passed we knew that reaching Singapore is unrealistic so instead we headed towards Malacca, an awesome old port know from one of my childhood travel novels. To get there we had to drive towards the coast on the number 5 road which, as soon as it reached the ocean turned really nice. Being early afternoon with a very nice looking town, Port Dickson, we decided to catch the last shines of the sun and enjoy the big waves of the Indian Ocean and the sunset here. Rooms weren’t cheap to be honest but we managed to find a decent bungalow for 90 ringit. Since the town was really quiet after sunset we ended up chilling in our rooms and searching for ferries in an internet café. We expected to receive my Australian visa within days as Dad got his weeks ago already so we can cross the sea to Indonesia without the worry that we wouldn’t be able to continue towards Australia after that. 


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