Bangkok - Tak - Chiang Mai - Bangkok 
Distance: 1405 kilometers 

We decided to go up to Thailand's second biggest city, Chiang Mai until our visas are being prepared in Bangkok. 
Some people do yoga, meditate or just simply tilt the bottle to find answers for their problems or just simply to escape from reality. Alcohol and I are good friends, we have always been close to each other’s not so much with yoga or meditation thought but whenever I need to make my mind or figure out important things in my life my best friend comes as a solution, my motorbike.

Riding up to Chiang Mai in the dead, dark and cold highway for eight hours did count as a month long meditation in a forest monastery for me. I let my senses ride the bike, spoil my ears with Metallica, and magically my brain find solutions, answers, and ideas for all the things troubles me. It does work now, and it did work back then on the dark highway up to North Thailand. 

We headed directly to a guesthouse we picked from lonely planet and as we arrived early dawn we had to wait for an hour or two for the staff to turn up but it worth it. The place had a swimming pool with all the rooms facing it, rooms were all air-conditioned at only cost 20 baht, approximately 7 dollars back then. 

We spent the rest of the morning relaxing and some sightseeing in the afternoon. Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand but the center, the historical area is easily coverable on foot. We read about jungle trekking in Lonely Planet, so that was on our bucket list for the day after. As we were promised to get the passports back with the visa within 4 days, we figured to do a day trip trekking and maybe a day or two riding around North Thailand and then back to Bangkok. 

Next day early morning a van came to pick us up for the organized trekking trip. We paid in for a day trip only, but we got more than we expected. First, we rode elephants for a few hours, bath with them and then three hours of walking uphill to a small village where we got our lunch. The afternoon we had to build bamboo rafts which took us down from the hill on a semi white water. It was a great and a decent one day. 

The following day the weather didn’t want us to ride around. From the early morning, the rain just didn’t stop, not even for a minute, we figured that if it is not necessary, we won't ride in that weather and just stayed in. As the weather didn’t seem to improve the next day we decided to wait until the rain stops at least a little bit and take the opportunity and ride down to Bangkok. 

A hill tribe girl near in the jungle near Chiang Mai, Thailand.
The rain did stop in the evening, so Dad and I packed the bike and headed south for another almost 900 kilometers night ride just to arrive in Bangkok at dawn, luckily for a cloudless sky. As we expected the visas weren’t ready, so we had another few days to spare in Bangkok before heading towards Laos. 

In the next LOG ENTRY, we ended up going back to Chiang Mai to further explore the surrounding jungle with the bike this time and then crossed over to Laos to have one of the best rides of our trip there. 



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