Budapest - Frankfurt - Cape Town
After a few years we are returning to Africa on an epic road-trip from Cape Town to Zambia

My first ever 747 flight from Frankfurt to Cape Town
It was a cold and rainy day at the end of January when our flight took off from Ferihegy. The proud international airport of Budapest still had its original name and Malev was still drawing white lines over Europe's sky. It was the beginning of my second journey to the first continent, Africa.

First, we had a rather long stop over in Frankfurt, waiting almost six hours for our Lufthansa iron bird to fly us to South Africa. Frankfurt, one of the largest airports in the world wasn’t so large after hours of walking, shopping and browsing around. Trying to kill time, especially that much in an airport is tough, unless you are in a business lounge or in Dubai of course. We did the best we can, tested the available beers on offer and stocked up on vodka and whiskey, purely for the purpose of using it as a disinfection agent.

This was my first flight with Lufthansa and also my first flight with a 747. My expectations were higher than the cruising altitude of our plane, sadly it wasn’t as good as I expected. The size of our jumbo jet was impressive. I only flew smaller aircraft before, single isle types, some old Soviet planes, and turboprops so the size was impressive, legroom and food not so much. This time onboard entertainment was not that widespread as nowadays so sitting through a 14 hours flight without watching movies was just a small nuisance, I love to read books anyway.

Nevertheless, we had a reasonably smooth flight, with a few turbulences over the Sahara, we had a sight of the Tabletop mountain as our final approach to Cape Town. I did hope for a rougher flight, though, for some weird reason, I really enjoy rough trips. Always hope for a bumpy landing or severe turbulence, weird kink, I know.  

The picture was taken on our final approach to Cape Town. Unfortunately we used an analog camera on this trip, I guess you can tell from the quality.
So yeah, this was my first time in South Africa, and I really looked forward to it. Let me just explain why we went there first. So Dad had an idea of a gateway during winter, places like South America, Southeast Asia perhaps the U.S. came up at first. Mom, unfortunately, couldn’t go with us that time, so the decision was purely on us. We did Africa a few years prior, so returning was not of the main choices but again, as usually happened in my family before. A fascinating idea, a documentary on the Okavango Delta, the endless adventures of a cross country African trip could bring quickly tilted the measure towards Africa, and we decided to make a run from Cape Town all the way up to Zambia.
A bird's eye view of Cape Town, 2004
The weather was more than pleasant compared to continental Europe that time, Cape Town was not hot by any means, it was windy, but nowhere near as cold as the place we came from.

Our plan is to stay a couple of days in Cape Town, explore the city, do the usual sights, perhaps dive with sharks in a cage and then drive up North towards Namibia on the western coastline of South Africa. Do the ride as quick as possible so we have more time to spend in the Namib dessert and the Okavango Delta.

Unfortunately, my shark diving plans were scrapped after we found out the availability and the price so, after two days of sightseeing in Cape Town, which is still one of my favorite African city, we did what we do the best, hit the road and looked forward to the biggest adventure yet for me.

In the next blog entry, I will cover our trip from Cape Town to Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia and perhaps more. 


    What's this? 

    My second trip to Africa, this time a road trip from Cape Town to Zambia through Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. 


    November 2016